Augusti är månaden då SMA uppmärksammas runt om hela världen; Tillgång till spinraza för alla

Detta är också en del av det. SMA och behandling med det enda godkända läkemedlet för SMA. Det finns länder som Danmark och Kanada som kämpar så hårt. Detta är ett ansikte av många. Tillgång till spinraza. Braelynn är 2 och en halv och diagnostiserades med typ 2 SMA vid 14 månader gammal. Hennes mamma och pappa har inte tillgång till spinraza

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This is Braelynn. She is 2 and a half and was diagnosed with type 2 SMA at 14 months old. Although Braelynn has never stood or walked, this daredevil always wants to be on the move and loves to swing, spin with her mom or go fast in her stroller. She likes Peppa Pig, being silly, going to the lake, and "All Dressed" potato chips. She is not a fan of bugs, doing her stretches, or trying new foods. She currently attends a preschool program at her daycare and has lots of friends and teachers there that help make sure she is able to participate in every activity. She is bright, determined and loves to learn. Her Mom and Dad haven't been able to access Spinraza yet but are fighting for her every day. Braelynn always has a smile on her face no matter what challenges she encounters and continues her fight against SMA. #smaawareness #curesmacanada

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