AVXS-101: The next gene therapy can trigger a discussion about high costs in SMA TREATMENT

Novartis has now announced the price for gene therapy AVXS-101. Is it expected the cost 4 $ million – 5$ million per patient.

The next expensive treatment will be at some point a contention in our health system. Small countries like Denmark cannot afford the expensive medicine of Spinraza, what is then with this drug!

Although AVXS-101 is given once by single infusion, is the final price entitled!

Tell us what you think about this price. Share your thoughts below 👇

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5 Responses to AVXS-101: The next gene therapy can trigger a discussion about high costs in SMA TREATMENT

  1. Nästa genterapi kan utlösa en diskussion om höga kostnader i hälsosystemet

    Novartis har nu meddelat priset för genterapi AVXS-101. Det förväntas kostnaden 4 miljoner dollar till 5 miljoner dollar per patient.

    Den nästa dyra behandlingen kommer ut till patienter med spinal muskelatrofi. Små länder som Danmark har inte råd med den dyra medicinen som Spinraza, vad är då med detta läkemedel!

    Även om AVXS-101 ges en gång genom infusion, är berättigade till priset !

    Skriv oss vad du tycker om detta pris. Dela dina tankar nedan

    Die Gentherapie von AvXis/Novartis könnte eine neue Diskussion auslösen was die hohen Kosten betrifft in der Behandlung von der Spinale Muskelatrophie.

    Länder wie Dänemark können sich jetzt schon Spinraza nicht leisten, aufgrund des hohen Preises, wie wird es mit diesem Medikament sein.

    Auch wenn AVXS-101 einmalig per Infusion gegeben wird, ist der Preis gerechtfertigt, diskutiert mit uns

  2. Bente says:

    The most expensive drug currently is Ravicti from Horizon Pharma Company for Urea Cycle Disorders / Metabolic Disorders.
    A small injection of 25ml costs 4,782.61 dollars.
    The drug is taken via a tube taken into the digestive system. (DAILY)
    The application is not done alone, but together with a low-protein diet and in some cases with dietary supplements such as essential amino acids, arginine, citrulline, or protein-free calorie supplements.

    Therefore, I see the price for a single dose justified. They’s not a lifelong therapy as Spinraza

    Therefore still cheaper than Spinraza and more effective and economical

  3. Christel says:

    I find the price is not justified. Pharma Companies make profit on the dying child and exploit the despair of the parents.
    I do not appreciate, that the EU still allow many expensive drugs, where everywhere is saved up.

    Countries like Denmark and a few more whicht that are financed by citizens’ taxes (health) are being catapulted out. Childrens there have no chance to ever get a treatment.

  4. 4 miljoner för en enda behandling
    Vi anser att det bör finnas mer öppenhet vid prissättningen