Developmental Milestones of Magnus under the treatment of Spinraza

I write this message with pleasure in English, so that anyone can read it.

Now the most beautiful news of the day. Magnus has his 4th dose Spinraza behind and the 17 year old boy shows clear improvement

While Denmark refuses to recognize Spinraza as standard therapy, going Magnus’ parents other ways and launched a fundraising effort from their own resources. Magnus was already able to participate in the therapy and shows that he regains his strength.

Also his breathing and resting pulse has improved, they are now normal. Spinraza has a positive effect on breathing and muscle strength comes back

Nevertheless, Denmark refuses to provide therapy for all SMA forms. Human life is priceless, but Denmark sees it differently! Only childrens under 6 age of have access to Spinraza and this is only a handful (round about 5)

Timeline of Magnus Milestones

Please, please donate further to Magnus and Esma

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4 Responses to Developmental Milestones of Magnus under the treatment of Spinraza

  1. MiaMia says:


  2. Peter says:

    What does teach us! 🤔
    The danish medical authorities must finally realize that older patients like Magnus benefit of Spinraza. How much visual material do you need? Give the drug free for everyone.

    Good job Magnus + parents 👍

  3. Sandy - SMA II says: