Ny studie av svenska neuroregister och kvalitetsregister

är ett nationellt kvalitetsregister med syfte att göra den neurologiska sjukvården likvärdig och högkvalitativ samt att säkerställa att behandlingsriktlinjer följs.

Since 2015, the MND Quality Registry continuously collects information about a wide range of clinical measures, biological samples, and quality of life outcomes from all MND patients recruited at the time of MND diagnosis in Sweden and followed at each clinic visit approximately every 12 weeks.

Results: As of 20th January 2017, the MND Quality Registry included 99% of the MND patients of the Stockholm area (N = 194), consisting mostly of ALS patients (N = 153, 78.9%), followed by patients labeled as MND due to a neurophysiology finding but not fulfilling the criteria for ALS (N = 20, 10.3%), primary lateral sclerosis (N = 13, 6.7%), and progressive spinal muscular atrophy patients (N = 8, 4.1%). A higher proportion of these patients were women (N = 100, 52%), and women and men had a similar age at symptoms onset (59 years)