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Patent protection Simponi (golimumab) expired! - Regina - 11.01.2019


These question is addressed to the rheumatology department for Liz Andersson

I have a question about the patent protection of Simponi!

I got an simponi syringe from the pharmacy those week.
Somehow I have the feeling that the pack looks different than the last one!

Could you tell me if the pack illustration may deviate from the original drug by a re-import!

Thank you Liz for answer in advance. Smile


RE: Patent protection Simponi (golimumab) expired! - Liz - 11.01.2019

Dear Regina,

thank you for stopping in this forum and contact via the contact form.

I have good news. Simponi still has his patent protection until 2024th, so this is not a cheap biosimilars!
But what is very decisive is indeed the packaging. Your syringe could be an import shipment, which is often used in pharmaceuticals.

The Simponi is available in different versions. 
It's available as a pen (injector) and syringe.

Keep an eye on my pictures

[Image: Simponi-injection.jpg]

[Image: Simponi-pen.jpg]

This is the  orginal drug in german

[Image: Simponi-Packdesign-DE.JPG]

If you are still unsure, please contact your doctor and rheumatologist. Unfortunately, I can't say you exactly what the reimport pack looks like

Hope this answer your question!


RE: Patent protection Simponi (golimumab) expired! - Regina - 11.01.2019

Thank you dear Liz, you helped me a lot, that answers my question.  Smile

I always had the pen and could grab this well. With the simponi syringe, I'd problems, I have to go to the doctor, I can not put myself because of the finger Huh

RE: Patent protection Simponi (golimumab) expired! - Liz - 11.01.2019


I know the problem. I can't open bottles or anything else with my hand, meanwhile I also use an electronic door lock.. Blush