Cost Effectiveness of Spinraza in Patients with SMA in Sweden
(07.02.2019, 08:42)Traudl with Son SMA TypI Wrote: The costs in Germany are enormous. I read a report that was 1.4 billion euros last year.
Meanwhile, the budget of the health insurance was far exceeded. In the next few years will increase taxes for all citizens because they bear the costs. In addition, they do not want to grant special therapies with the enormous costs in the future.
Recently, an expensive treatment for cancer has not been approved. So also in Germany will now keep an eye on extremely expensive therapies.

Scandinavia does not have to pay the original price like Germany. We are the idiots who pay the true price.
All other countries like Sweden got a special offer from Biogen. I do not understand why Spimraza continues to be so expensive when the company makes so much profit?

The reason of the high cost is based on the development of the drug. The costs are already covered, this is only about the profit. I have seen an interview from last year, there say CEO - they want to be at the top of numver One.
The company wants to realize other projects with the money. I'm sure if the Swiss company Novartis markets their drug AVXS-101, many doctors will use it. Spinraza will lose a large market share. The Novartis drug can cure SMA, but Spinraza can only stop it. When the patent goes out in 8, then ticking the clock for other companys. It can then be duplicated at a reasonable price

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