Näringsbehandling av patienter med spinal muskelatrofi
Thank you ladies for answering the question..  Heart
Våra föräldrar här har en så fantastisk initiativ. Venner

(11.02.2019, 17:36)Bente Wrote: Our doctor once said you can give your child everything about the feeding tube.
Is it important that it is pureed meals, High-energy diet to avoid malnutrition.
Our child got diarrhea from the normal tube feeding. My wife cooks therefore rich in vitamins, light and tasty. Meanwhile, we also use the recipes from Liz with the sweet potato soup. Very nice that we are such fantastic people here to help each other. Love this forum. Thank you Liz Triple-Thumbs

Thank you Bente, Im flattered.. Shy

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Att acceptera vad som händer
och låt trollen i ljuset, kanske du borde att tro mer på dig själv
I've learned that we're not supposed to mix foods, that to blah like peas, cabbage. We do it smoothies with milk, soy milk btw alpro. Beetroot, sweet potatoes, melons. banana. We avoid everything with acid what you have in orange. Shy

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