Why Spinraza is so expensive!

UPDATE by Liz Andersson d. 27-10-2017 ▶ What was once called ”miracle drug”, lays down slowly a dark shadow over Spinraza. Scandinavia has nothing more to lose. Physicians from Norway respond to Biogen’s explanation; ” why the drug is so expensive”. More and more things are coming to light, which may be part of public discussion. Read below commentaries

Biogen getting sharp criticism in cuple weeks, because some countries can not afford the drug and the price is too high. Now Biogen speaks why this is so. In a recent report says Biogen, why is the cost so high. Only in the last 3 months make the company profit with the drug. Don’t forget; Biogen has not developed the drug itself. There must be new funds to be able to develop further medicines

The story began with Spinraza in year 2004th. This was as a public-private partnership, including the patient organization Cure SMA who donated 4 million dollar. The organization Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory was responsible for the development together with the pharmaceutical company Ionis Pharmaceuticals.

The researchers had discovered an active substance that could compensate for the genome of SMN1, which is the cause of spinal muscular atrophy. The disease leads to muscle weakness and causes many of the children with the most serious form, not to sit or to keep their heads up.

In 2012 Biogen acquired the rights to the active ingredient, which allows many of the children to be mobilized again. The study was discontinued last summer because it was considered unethical not to give the drug to the children who were in the control group.

On Tuesday, Biogen’s quarterly report was published, showing that the company’s sales have increased by four percent since last year. The growth is driven by the start of Spinraza, which in July, August and September amounted to only 2.1 billion.
The majority of sales come from the USA, but sales in Europe, where Germany and Turkey are leaders, are growing.

Biogen profit beats on surprisingly strong Spinraza sales

Nevertheless, Spinraza is not the most expensive drug in the world. There are many expensive ones which are used eg for severe gastrointestinal diseases. Medicines such as Simponi, Enbrel, Humira used in rheumatology are much more expensive than Spinraza.

Here it makes the interval of therapy. While Spinraza is administered every 3 months, rheumatoid patients must interval every 4 weeks.

These are the reasons why Spinraza is not the most expensive drug. All drugs which are developed like Spinraza,
btw > Simponi, which is develop from human genes, cost more. This is the development and production.

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One Response to Why Spinraza is so expensive!

  1. It’s time to update this popular topic.
    Status currently.
    Norway has approved Spinraza. Age limit 18 years
    Sweden has approved Spinraza for all SMA types. Age limit under 18 years. https://liz-sma-blog.eu/nusinersen-spinraza-rekommenderas-enbart-for-barn-och-ungdomar-under-18-i-sverige/
    Denmark only approves Spinraza in certain cases for SMA typ 1 , SMA typ 2 under 6 years. Spinraza is not approved as a standard therapy
    Finland says yes to Spinraza (18 years)