Be SMA aware, August is SMA Awareness Month

Raising awareness for spinal muscular atrophy. An great artist Daria Krivorotenko produced a cartoon for Children with SMA. We also think of the SMA warriors who are no longer among us.

Augusti månad är SMA awarness month

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Until those day, was my kiss of death been stronger than those of the devil. I like to ride through hellfire with him ,when I come out victorious afterwards. I'm strong and proud rheumatoid arthritis warrior Följ mig, tack! Liz - Fotoblogg Spelblogg

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  1. This month I showing my face to a small group of people with a rare diagnosis. August is SMA AWARNESS Month. The colr stand for rare diagnosis

  2. Light it up and let burns a candle. Thinking of all SMA warriors who are no longer on this earth. I think especially of my girlfriend who are close to me and who lost their children to this disease


    Source: CURE SMA

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