Living with spinal muscular atrophy – Torstein from Norway

Torstein has spinal muscular atrophy and spends his whole life in a wheelchair. But his parents – farmers from Norway – are behind him from the beginning! When the doctors tell them that their son will never walk and will never look like most people, they still choose to raise him normally. They do not see why they should treat him differently from his siblings because of his looks.
Torstein likes to travel, he is a teacher and he works in politics.
He leads an exciting life and his SMA could never stop him. 🙂

Henrik Fjørtoft

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  1. Som ettåring ble Torstein Lerhol diagnostisert med den da dødelige muskelsykdommen Spinal Muskel Atrofi (SMA). 30 år senere er han fortsatt her, og lever et aktivt og meningsfylt liv blant fjellene i hjembygda Vang i Valdres.

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