Kinesiologitejp och tejpningstekniken

Att använda kinesiologi-tejping till den övriga behandlingen

By Liz

Until those day, was my kiss of death been stronger than those of the devil. I like to ride through hellfire with him ,when I come out victorious afterwards. I'm strong and proud rheumatoid arthritis warrior Följ mig, tack! Liz - Fotoblogg Spelblogg

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  1. Colors and its effect of different kinesiology tape!

    Red means the heart and circulation is stimulated
    They’ve a warming and stabilizing effect
    Blue stands for heat-absorbing and damping the swollen joints, they are also anti-inflammatory.
    Liz therefore prefers blue in Rheumatology Area
    Green stands for harmonizing, this tape is often applied in organ areas to axis.
    By the way, they bringing spirit and soul back into balance
    stands for metabolism-stimulating, nerve-strengthening. Emotionally, Yellow also stands for encouraging.
    Black has the same effect as blue.
    These types of tapes are often used by athletes. Black also stands for strong will
    are often used for nerve damage. Their use is often also in nasal fractures because these bands are often not seen in the face
    They have a neutral effect on humans

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