How often do you opening PEG and left out air?

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The cone can connect a bladder syringe, normal syringe or empty water bag. The air must then be withdrawn again, this one can often win gastric secretions. In children, only use normal syringes up to a maximum of 10 ml.

After each meal, should the tube be rinsed with water. We leave out air several times a day, up to 5 times.

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We vent air after each meal – read the nice instructions and all four hours

How to Vent Air from the Stomach Via G-tube

Some children get uncomfortable when there is air in the stomach . You can vent air out of the stomach every few hours as needed . You may want to vent before each feeding, around the time of each diaper change, or after feeding . Children who receive fundoplication surgery may need to be vented more often . You will learn how often your child needs to be vented .
In order to vent, you need a large syringe with the plunger removed, a cup, and towel because sometimes stomach contents comes out with the air . If your child has a button-style tube, you will need an extension set (preferably a straight/bolus extension) .

Note that the Bard Button has a special extension set for venting called a decompression tube .
Insert the open syringe into the end of the long tube or into the extension set, then unclamp the tube . Gently pushing on the stomach (or raising your child’s legs to the chest) will help to move the air towards the tube and allow it to move out . Food may also come out . You should let it slowly run back in when finished .
This is often referred to as re-feeding . The Feeding Tube Awareness Foundation has videos on different venting techniques .

These are available on line . For more continuous venting, even while feeding, you can use a Farrell valve bag .

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