Potentiell biomarkör identifierad för SMA

Biogen att presentera nya data om en potentiell biomarkör vid SMA på den amerikanska Academy of Neurologi-konferensen. Läs hela pressmeddelandet

Pre-symptomatic treatment of SMA

Se den imponerande videoen från Destiny, som nu kan springa som ett friskt barn

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3 tankar om “Potentiell biomarkör identifierad för SMA”

  1. if the high price were not there, everyone could benefit from Spinraza. The whole thing has a bitter aftertaste for the patients who will never get it. 🤨

    I renounce Spinraza and wait of Roche. The drug shows better data, also I do not want to constantly to lumbar puncture. These are also high risks. I’m happy for those who benefit from it.

    1. Agreed completely Tami.

      Meanwhile, I know some parents from Sweden, Norway, who are frustrated because their over 18 year old children are not treated. They are forgets completely and nobody fights for them.

      Oddly enough, local organizations do not pay attention to it.
      They do nothing for these SMA patients, they are the forgotten patients.

      That’s absolutely sad topic. 😔

  2. A drug is made for everyone, meanwhile the reality is different. I am also happy for the parents who can save their children. Spinraza4all

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