All SMA patients in UK have access to Spinraza

Great news comes from England. Congratulations to TreatSMA who have worked so hard with their patients. NHS said yes to Spinraza as standard therapy and approved it for all patients without age restrictions.

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At last the SMA Community has the answer it has been asking for since NICE started its appraisal almost 17 months ago: NHS England has announced access to nusinersen for all with SMA Types 1, 2, 3a and 3b. It will also be available to pre-symptomatic siblings who, based on their genetics, are very likely to develop SMA. Our thanks to NICE, NHS England and Biogen for this great news, and huge thanks to MDUK, TreatSMA and all in the SMA Community for working so hard on this journey and for your campaign efforts. Read more on our website: #spinraza #nusinersen #sma #spinalmuscularatrophy #NICE #NHSEngland #decisionreached #agreement #access #Biogen #MDUK #TreatSMA #thankyou #smacommunity #community #teameffort #campaign #campaignefforts #result #smauk #spinalmuscularatrophyuk

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