Spinraza renew debate by Medicinrådet in Denmark

Denmark is still the only country in Europe Countries that does not provide Spinraza as a standard therapy to its patients. SMA1 children without respiratory assistance and SMA2 children up to the age of six have access.

New data suggest that older childrens and adults with SMA2 and SMA3 may benefit of Spinraza. We report already here

  1. Potentiell biomarkör identifierad för SMA
  2. SMA Typ 1-3: Biogen continues with new data in adults and infants

We do not want to spread out euphoria. We remain skeptical as to whether the Danes can handle the third attempt and finally approve the drug. Denmark has several times disappointed its SMA patients, but Biogen confirms the development of the case

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  1. Agree completely. Until now, was the Council more against expensive drugs. See cancer and sclerosis, duchenne muscular atrophy . I do not trust them.


  2. ..wäre schön , wenn die Daten diesmal überzeugen könnten. Aus der Vergangenheit haben wir gelernt, das genau dieser Rat soviele Fehlentscheidungen traf, obwohl neue Daten vorlagen.

    Wie Mia schreibt, ich bin genauso skeptisch .

    1. huhu Tina,

      genügend Studien und Daten, selbst aus Deutschland habe ich übermittelt zu dem Vorstand der Muskelorganisation.
      Es wird daran liegen das der Medicinrådet nicht wirklich seinen Fehler zugeben will. Sie wollen es einfach nicht zulassen und ein nein zusagen, traut man sich.

      Warten wir ab was kommt, ich selbst glaube nicht daran.

  3. why do their own investigation?
    .The official data is proof enough. In addition, they had the case study from Denmark about the few children.

    I think that the ladies and gentlemen in the Medicinrådet do not want to admit their mistake. I am also skeptical.

  4. Agreed Peter and Liz.

    Who thinks they are going to make a yes out of no is pretty naive. Even the organization will not be able to change anything, they fight against windmills. I do not think they will get approved future therapies for SMA.

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