Lever med daglige smerter

Liz skriv

Hands in the air, who is currently without pain. I hate the subtropical weather. I’ve tons of pain and can’t sleep. Unfortunately, is it the five night in row. Joints swollen, my rheumatoid arthritis beats me again. I wanted joints where I can unscrew, so i could sleep again. Right now i read the next book and drinking milk with honey #fuckrheumatoidarthritis

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Light a candle, let it burn. 🕯 Never give up the hope, let the darkness disapear. 🌅 Had a son with X-Linked Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMAX2)

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  1. I wish get well, if I can say this at all! Hope your midsummer will not be a nightmare of pain and swollen joints. We all thinking of you in this hard time. We know your season is the winter and the cold. Warm hugs Jan

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