Physical tests in the diagnosis of lumbar spinal stenosis

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There are two types of lumbar spinal stentosis (LSS)

  1. The lumbar degenerative type. It only makes itself felt between 50-60 years
  2. The congenital stenosis, it is noticeable from the age of 20-30

Diagnosis often takes place via imaging techniques such as MRI or CT. Unfortunately, I could speak of my own experience with my husband. The MRI often looks more frightening, as the reality.

The real good case history took place via a questionnaire

As a useful barometer following rules are

Do you have pain when walking or standing?
Are the pain better when you are sitting?
Do you have tingling and numbness in your legs, especially feet
Do you have problems with your bladder or bowels dysfunction?

Test to Patients

Walking on a slackline on the ground – keep the balance
Often shows the deficits, patients with LSS symptoms will be stumbling and can not complete the test

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