Medical management care for spinal muscular atrophy patients in Chile

A new study shows how does SMA management it look like in Latin America.

Totally 92 patients were recruited:
23 patients with SMA type 1
36 patients SMA type 2
33 SMA type 3

SMA type 1 patients were tracheostomized and fed by gastrostomy (PEG, MIC) in 69.6% of cases

65% of SMA type 2 patients received non-invasive ventilation (NIV) and 37% of the entire cohort underwent scoliosis surgery


The Chilean cohort study to SMA patients shows that timely access to genetic diagnosis, ventilatory support, nutritional support, and scoliosis surgery.


SMA Type 1 patients was underrepresented in this study, probably due to limitations access to early diagnosis and high and early mortality rates.

Personal conclusion:
Nevertheless a surprising result, I find. 🙂

Argentina approves Spinraza for all SMA Types

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Light a candle, let it burn. 🕯 Never give up the hope, let the darkness disapear. 🌅 Had a son with X-Linked Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMAX2)

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  1. It reflects good management. 🙂

    Not every European country is as good as Chilie. They can be proud of yourself. A newborn screening for early diagnosis will definitely come soon. Keep it up good work.

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