Opdatering: 31. Rådsmøde i september d. 26 af Medicinrädet i Danmark

Denne gang er igen Spinraza på dagsorden. Dette er bare en ny holdning til lægemidlet ifølge på nye data.

Den nye JAK-hæmmer Xeljanz, som allerede er godkendt til RA, skal nu også godkendes til psoriasisartrit. Lad os håbe, at dette lægemiddel finder vej til psoriasisartrit-patienter


Spinraza – sagen: Spinraza er for dyrt for Danmark

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  1. Medicinrådet har godkendt Revlimid. Men det er så trist og har en bitter smag for alle mennesker, er døde. Revlimid er til behandling af stamcelletransplanteret myelomatose.

    Den første genterapi af Novartis med Luxturna® (neparvovec) er afviser. Genterapi forhindrer blindhed og blev godkendt i EU sidste år

    Spinraza: Medicinrådet wants more data

    The new data is based on an uncontrolled study for 24 patients, including 11 patients with SMA type 2 and 13 patients with SMA type 3. The low number is in contrast to the current 8,400 patients treated with Spinraza worldwide. It is therefore to be expected that there will be real data in a shorter period of time, which can illustrate how patients who are not covered by the Swedish Medicines Council Recommendation are involved.

    ***Wondering why, especially Sweden?! Which treat only patients until to 18 years of age. They can not have any experience, The few who treat them between 5-18 years do not count them ** What a joke **

    The committee will now meet and discuss how the task of data collection can be solved.

    Solution: Look into countries like Germany, America where all SMA patients are treated. At least you do not step on the spot and you see the reality that the drug works. What happened here is a joke, just say no, you do not want to give this drug to these patients

    But please do not Sweden, Norway or Finland who have never treated older patients with SMA II or III IV.




    Germany treat all SMA Patients – no age restriction

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