Spinraza 4 All by Tori: The forgotten older SMA patients in Scandinavia. When adults have no right of a quality of life


A campaign by Tori from Norway that does not have access to Spinraza. I like to share

Don‘t care, that we’re getting weaker for each day that gone? In writing, it has been 467 days since Norway approved the spinraza for those under 18. How would you feel if you were not worth a better life? Time is something we do not have with SMA. Does one of us have to die before we have a grip? Is that really how rich Norway has become? We’ve given you documentation that the medicine works, but we’re still sitting here, getting weaker every second, the clock is ticking. Do not you feel a responsibility?

I would like to point out that countries such as Sweden, Finland and also Denmark do not give older patients with SMA access to this treatment.

av Liz

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