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A new remission research study in treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis

Inflammation, pain and the loss of mobility are characterizes to this disease. The hope for cure, does it exist!

Liz was for few days ago hard to fight with their Rheumatoid Arthritis, she was telling some facts to us. Study from Germany on remission research was recently published. Some facts said it’s never possible.

Why it is like that?

Early diagnosis and treatment is important. The longer it lasts the worse the prognosis for RA patients for the rest of their life.

These words are from Liz.

This is how a healthy immune system works

The healthy immune system needs an average of nine days to get rid of its enemy
Three days of infection activity
Three days for the removal of the microorganism
Three more days to cure

The RA immune system has at least six / eight months to destroy its pathological target – that would be the connective tissue in this case, joints.
We all know that the waiting time in Germany are really enormous
Every week, month, remission moving with us into remoteness. During this time, where we wait are the RA really happy about it and destroys everything and the joints cannot be regenerated. Waiting time and waiting list of more than 6-8 months is not uncommon. Even if you’re already enrolled to a rheumatolgist. You need an appointment, you’ll have to wait a total of 4 months. In that time, you have to be smart enough to treat yourself.

RA Patient achieving with 99% chance of remission in one week! Each week of therapy delay reduces the likelihood that an RA patient will ever get in remission lays one percentage point.

Conclusion with an average of 8.4 months waiting time are 34 weeks until you get an appointment. Statistically, the number drops so hard that we could ever come in remission and that’s one-third. Especially older ones like me, who had no treatment in the 70s, will never stand still to stop our RA. I can confirm that my RA is more aggressive than ever.

The RA can only be stopped over a low-dose Prednisone at the same time. The earlier the RA was diagnosed. Take a look at latest study from America.

But Liz says too!

The RA can only be stopped by a low-dose Prednisone at the same time!

At the point comes, because your RA aren’t longer willing and has respect to the low doses . You have to go one step further

If take at day 50mg daily during an inflammation phase for three days

Then I’ll go back to 7.5 mg. Hope your RA getting calm. Two weeks later, go back to 5mg.

This is my personal guide to me. Even my rheumatologist says that’s awesome, how I manage it

Now we can discuss is a low dose cortison really the most urgent cure, or even better. Have you dream of a remission?!

I gave up the dream many years ago. I concentrate on my own treatment, think about tactical treatments if my rheumatologist has no time for me

That’s the pure reality

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