Dokumentärfilm: Donationen om att ha cystisk fibros och vänta på lungtransplantation

En situation som vi alla personligen har upplevt här. Vi kommer aldrig att glömma er vår kära Sofi, hon förlorade kampen för ett nytt liv. Eftersom det inte fanns någon lunga som kunde transplanteras. Naturligtvis kommer jag att se filmen.

2019-10-24 -Uppdatering

Dokumntärfilm Donationen kan ses i hela världen
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Cystisk fibros

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Until those day, was my kiss of death been stronger than those of the devil. I like to ride through hellfire with him ,when I come out victorious afterwards. I'm strong and proud rheumatoid arthritis warrior Följ mig, tack! Liz - Fotoblogg Spelblogg

8 tankar om “Dokumentärfilm: Donationen om att ha cystisk fibros och vänta på lungtransplantation”

  1. That damn cough, he’s robbing your mind. The eternal mucus that makes your lungs petrify. I was always told, spit it out, do not swallow it again. Thank you for sharing Liz of the film, thank you to Sweden for getting to know new patients with the rare disease. I hope for the new therapy, hopefully it will come to us soon.

  2. You‘re welcome CF. 🙂

    A movie with a happy end. 🙏 I found only the first patient room very tight. The nurse had problems to steer the bed into the hall. Catastrophic scene, if there an emergency, valuable time are lost.
    Hopefully this is not the daily check-in room for patients, who waiting of a surgery!

    💓💓🙏 Sofi – I miss you every single day , i miss so much.
    We all hope, you feel how much we love you. 💓💓

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