Cost-effective to the biological form of DMARDs (bDMARDs)

Assessment of the inexpensive biological form of DMARDs (bDMARDs)
Recent updates to the DMARD guidelines when patients with rheumatoid arthritis achieve remission or low disease activity.

Can a remission be achieved at all?

A sensitive topic about which our rheumatics were allowed to gain their own experience

The payer’s perspective for Germany and conducted deterministic and probabilistic sensitivity analyses.

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Until those day, was my kiss of death been stronger than those of the devil. I like to ride through hellfire with him ,when I come out victorious afterwards. I'm strong and proud rheumatoid arthritis warrior Följ mig, tack! Liz - Fotoblogg Spelblogg
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    When rheumatic patients have to take cheap medication because the EU countries wants to save costs in these things. Liz experienced a traumatic experience personally. Her knee became the horror knee of 2019. Check it out, that’s the result. She loses all mobility, maybe now she needs a new prosthetic knee. Is that the new face of a new treatment strategy, when everything MUST to be cheap.?

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