Spinraza: Medicinrådet continues to hold to the old recommendation

Children over 6 years with spinal muscular atrophy still have no access to Spinraza. Denmark has one of the strictest criteria. This means that only a few children under the age of 6 have access to Nusinersen (Spinraza). In general, Scandinavia has locked out its older patients (adults) from therapy.

Parents who have children over the age of six, must continue to watch how their children physically break down.
Although new studies show that older patients could also benefit from Spinraza, but the answer was no.

This time the Medicinrådet cannot refer to a high price – the price is so low, no other country has such attractive access to Spinraza. It appears that Medicinrådet does not want to spend money on this group of patients.

The reason for the fourth rejection.

The lack of documentation is the reason why the Medicinrådet has rejected a broader use of Spinraza for the treatment of people with spinal muscular atrophy.


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2 replies on “Spinraza: Medicinrådet continues to hold to the old recommendation”

Strange about the whole decision. Some of the Medicinrådet’s specialist staff were against their own specialists who said. Yes Spinraza also has an effect on growing children. It really looks. As if they didn’t want to provide treatment to these patients.

It is difficult to understand why Denmark the only EU country to do such an absurd decision.

Læs mere om Victor der kæmper for Spinraza.

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