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Developmental Milestones of Magnus under the treatment of Spinraza

I write this message with pleasure in English, so that anyone can read it. Now the most beautiful news of the day. Magnus has his 4th dose Spinraza behind and the 17 year old boy shows clear improvement While Denmark refuses to recognize Spinraza as standard therapy, going Magnus’ parents… Att fortsätt läsa

Congratulations to Magnus, he will be treat with Spinraza in another country

In his own country (Denmark), he was denied access to the only treatment for spinal muscular atrophy. Now having the parents a positive message. Her son Magnus 17 years old is being treated with Spinraza in Belgium. He has now received the 2 injection via lumbar puncture. He feels already… Att fortsätt läsa

Donate for a therapy with Spinraza for Magnus and Esma

After the parents regain their strength, they start with a donation campaign for their childrens, who have SMA type I. We remember; Denmark said no to the only therapy currently available. Magnus, Esma are too old and both have SMA type I. As in Denmark, there are also young people… Att fortsätt läsa