Roche stoppt die Entwicklung von Olesoxime für Spinale Muskelatrophie

Es tut uns Leid dies melden zu müssen. Roche gab heute bekannt das sie die Weiterentwicklung von Olesoxime einstellen.   Die Details dazu findet Ihr im Anhang Olesoxime-Roche-update-May-2018 We are working closely with study sites and investigators to help identify options for those still taking part in the OLEOS study and… Att fortsätt läsa

Follow-Up Study of Olesoxime in Patients with Type 2 or Non-Ambulatory Type 3 Spinal Muscular Atrophy

New results of the Long Term Study of Oleos (NCT02628743) olesoxime was generally safe and well tolerated at the dose assessed. Maintenance of motor function observed over 2 years in the Phase 2 study was followed by a substantial decline in MFM D1+D2 (>2 points/year) after drug discontinuation. However, the… Att fortsätt läsa