Donate for a therapy with Spinraza for Magnus and Esma

After the parents regain their strength, they start with a donation campaign for their childrens, who have SMA type I.
We remember; Denmark said no to the only therapy currently available.
Magnus, Esma are too old and both have SMA type I. As in Denmark, there are also young people (17 year) in Germany with SMA type 1 who are treated with Spinraza.

Why Denmark travel to the Middle Ages is really unknown to us. Like the parents, we are too tired to write about it.
Please donate if you can.

Please check out

Nu har vi samlet kræfter til at tage sagen i egen hånd efter de danske myndigheder to gange i år har udelukket de to…

Gepostet von Spinraza: Giv Magnus og Esma en chance am Freitag, 1. Dezember 2017

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