Minimally invasive spinal surgery in scoliosis treatment
Earlier in my time, this type of surgery didn't exist. 
I'll never forget, I'd a Milwaukee corset until your 18 birthday. That was such a  impossible stiff tool and weighed almost 18 kilograms, here's a vid. Over the years I have trained my scoliosis so that I can move my back very well, no pain or stiffening.

Many years later, there are many ways to eliminate a scoliosis. The spine surgery is further developed and perfected in scoliosis.

Methods like VEPTR bars or the growning rods like this one.

Nevertheless, do not forget

Every spine surgery  always carries a certain risk. It can cause chronic pain or compromise static structures. An injury to the nerves during an open surgical procedure can have serious consequences.

Minimally invasive spinal surgery doesn't involve this risk. The greatest risk to the patient may be the general anesthetic under the surgery.

Another advantage is that only small cuts are needed to introduce the surgical instruments

Here's a video

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The Classical Milwaukee corsets worsened my rheumatoid arthritis , because I had no movement in it. Stiff cervical spine, lumbar spine, stiff hips that finally cost my movement. Yes it is cruel this part, therefore I praise myself today's corsets Undecided
Be queen of your own heart and you will be treated as queen
Liz Photopage, Instagram, Alien Bommel
Thank Liz for teaching us!

I am really shocked over the unworthy methods used to reduce scoliosis. This corset reminds me of a chastity belt, it's like from the middle ages. No, I can imagine that you had more problems with him.

Heart  Let us praise today's design of scoliosis corsets. Our son likes to wear it, so he is not restricted in any way.

Adding video material at customized corset & Vests by Helios
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