Lymphedema in patients with spinal muscular atrophy
I have a question. I know that SMA is a whole body disease like rheumatoid arthritis. My daughter recently had a lymphatic tissue on her instep. First it was always when it got too warm temperatures, now it has it all year round. Our physiotherapist says we should do a lymphatic drainage. Others say that does not bring much, it keeps coming back. Our daughter has Type I on SMA. Do you have any help?
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Lymphatic drainage is a good treatment. Lymphedema is caused by the lack of movement in legs and foot. It would be good if you always move the feet of their daughter, make some workouts before she going into the bed. When sitting in a wheelchair, feet should be stored frequently in a high position. Avoid tight socks, or socks with rubber band. These having a high risk to develop a lymphedema.

Compression therapy is another alternative. The feet are wrapped with a bandage, this is a special technique.
Nutrition Arrow Salt only 5mg a day, switch to sea salt or Himalayan salt. Then something that many people underestimate.
Those who drink a lot of fluids do not automatically store more water in the body - on the contrary. A sufficient amount of about 2 liters per day "flushes" through the kidneys and keeps them healthy. They also help to flush the toxins out of the body.
If you have limphedema permanently, inflammation and infections will occur. These are the pillars of a good limphedema treatment.
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Shy This little gym promote the drainage of water. Stretch and bend  feet. Move toes to stimulate the pumping action of the feet. 

Daily cold washings on the legs, with a damp sponge or coarse linen cloth, promote metabolism and circulation.
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Continuous movement is the secret. The water retention can escape through the kidneys.

Our children can not move their feet themselves. I recommend the Motomed Trainer, we use it ourselves with our son.

He automatically moves his legs and arms. We had no problems with swollen feet, water retention to this day. I do a lot of manual craft, all stocks, shoes I knit myself. I avoid synthetic textile, because our children like to sweat more through the disease

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(21.11.2018, 19:39)Liz Wrote: MOTOmed Bewegungstherapie für Kinder und Erwachsene mit neuromuskulären Erkrankungen

MOTOmed Bewegungstherapie aus dem Rollstuhl für Kinder und Erwachsene mit neuromuskulären Erkrankungen – Spinale Muskelatrophie. MOTOmed kann bei neurologischen oder neuromuskulären Erkrankungen mit weitgehendem Funktionsverlust der Bein- und Armmuskulatur (z.B. bei Indikationen wie Multiple Sklerose, Schlaganfall, Querschnittläsion, Muskeldystrophie und Hirnschädigungsfolgen) ärztlich verordnet werden.

Kostenübernahme & Hilfsmittelummer vom therapeutisches Hilfsmittel und Bewegungsgerät MOTOmed MOTOmed viva2 light Beintrainer MOTOmed viva2 light Bein- und Arm- / Oberkörpertrainer MOTOmed viva2 Beintrainer MOTOmed viva2 Bein- und Arm- / Oberkörpertrainer MOTOmed gracile12 für Kinder MOTOmed viva2 stativ Arm- / Oberkörpertrainer

English Website

18. januari 2010

Vi publicerade denna rapport för första gång 2010.
Terapeutiskt träningshjälpmedell  MOTOmed aktiv och passiv.

Det används i neurologiska sjukdomar som spinal muskelatrofi, MS etc
Han hittade också sin väg in i reumatiska avdelningen.

I Tyskland är denna träningshjälpmedel ordinerad och godkänd av läkare.
Kostnaderna bärs av sjukförsäkring.

Nu en uppdatering av Elias från Tyskland med SMA typ 1 behandlas med Spinraza.
Han tränar armar och ben med MOTOmed.
Se hur mycket kul han har och hur koncentrerad han är.  Heart GO GO ELIAS Heart

Få mer kunskap om Motomed

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Proffession: Jag arbetar som rehabkonsult  (hjälpmedel)
"I am don't losing my hope",I am strong for my son. #CURESMA #NEVERGIVEUP Heart

As a wheelchair user with paraplegia, I have this too. A proven an old homerecipe  for external use are quark poultice.  Shy
Saying thank you to all for the quick tips. Shy

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