Access to new cancer drugs

Germany is faster than other countries & has a better treatment strategy – This is shown the latest data.
In the past it has already been shown that Germany is very successful in treating cancer of all forms. Germany is one of the most expensive health systems that patients benefit from. Patients have access to the latest and most expensive therapies.

A new study shows, that access to new cancer drugs is unbeatable in Germany.

In addition, no other country in Europe has so many newly developed cancer drugs available. Of the 31 oncological medicines approved in 2015 to 2017, 30 are on market in Germany.

Example the numbers from other countries:
Netherlands (29),
Switzerland (27),
Finland (21), Spain (19),
Norway (17),
Estonia (6),
Poland (5).

What makes Germany unique in this regard. Doctors are allowed to make more decisions and work independently. They work for the patient and are not the puppets of the system. We got these words from a Swedish cancer patient who has now been successfully treated in Germany and is in remission with his cancer.

I find out, Germany has the best cancer management worldwide