Behandling för karpaltunnelsyndrom + ökad risk för hjärtsvikt och amyloidos

What is the association of amyloidosis, heart failure (HF), and other adverse cardiovascular (CV) outcomes associated with carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS)?

The study population consisted of 56,032 patients who underwent surgery for CTS and their age- and sex-matched controls. The median age was 53.9 years (interquartile range, 43.3-65.9 years) and 67.9% were women. CTS patients had a higher prevalence of hypertension and ischemic heart disease and used more pharmacotherapies than the control subjects. CTS was associated with a higher cumulative incidence of amyloidosis compared to control subjects (adjusted hazard ratio (HR), 12.12; 95% confidence interval [CI], 4.37-33.60). The absolute risk of amyloidosis was low, with a cumulative incidence of 0.10% over 10 years in the CTS group compared to 0.006% in the control subjects. CTS also was associated with an increased risk of HF compared with control subjects:

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