Covid-19 og revmatiske sykdommer Revmatologi

Europe take rheumatic drug Sarilumab (Kevzara) in battle against Covid 19

Okay friends, a glimmer of hope on the horizon. In the past weeks I have reported reported that our beloved Kevzara would be an ideal drug against for Covid 19. The whole thing continues to develop. Denmark also reports about it, and yes it would be fantastic if this expensive drug really helps. How does […]

Covid-19 og revmatiske sykdommer

Sanofi-aventis annonser första patient utanför USA fick behandling med Kevzara® (sarilumab)

Phase 2/3 trial initiated in Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Canada and Russia and is enrolling patients immediately Kevzara inhibits IL-6, which may play a role in driving the inflammatory immune response that causes acute respiratory distress syndrome observed in patients with severe COVID-19 infection Sanofi is leading trials outside the U.S., while Regeneron is leading […]