Rheumatic heart disease

RA is a treacherous disease. It attacks not only the connective tissue, bones and skin, also organs like the heart are affected. Wherever there is muscle, connective tissue, it eats into it. A new study by Lancet shows how important it is to recognize RA in children. Because the danger that the heart is affected, is very large.

Childhood rheumatic heart disease mortality has improved across this region, far surpassing improvements elsewhere. Decreasing years of life lost (YLL) accounts for the majority of these gains, as the prevalence of children (5–14 years) with rheumatic heart disease in the region has remained relatively stable.


**And I can sing a song about how it is to have his first heart attack at the age of 5, since my rheumatism wasn’t known at that time in the 70s. There was still no knowledge, that children can get it. Thanks to the researchers, they are saving so much life**

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